Possessed bases its gut-wrenching substance on a series of mind-boggling flashbacks, which systematically tells the story of a mentally ill woman. When the audience first sees her, she is walking almost unconsciously on the street shouting ‘David! David!’ to all the passersby. After a incident in a diner she is taken to a psychopathic section of a local hospital. When she’s finally capable of forming understandable sentences, we embark on a tragic and pitiable journey, as the protagonist presents a story of deceit, murder, jealousy, all wrapped up in a strictly emotional package.

Obsessed with a man who doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, Louise (Joan Crawford) forms an ingenious plan to lure him back into her arms. After the death of a sick woman (Mrs. Graham) she was looking after, Louise marries her husband Dean, a wealthy and sophisticated gentleman. In order to make David jealous she walks around town pretending to be fully in love. In the meantime, all the emotional instability and traumatic experiences cause her to become very ill. Her head hurts, she hallucinates, and sometimes isn’t able to distinguish between what’s right and what’s wrong. What’s more, her husband’s pretty daughter becomes infatuated with David and a hearty romance soon takes place. Out of her own mind, Louise realizes that there’s only one option which will allow her to change the way things turned out…

Possessed is a somber, very moody and dramatic visualization of an ill woman’s darkest nightmare. She’s psychotic, unbalanced, and as one doctor in the film clearly puts it: in a Biblical sense, we might say that such person is possessed of devils. The only way out of this insane state is the most extreme one. The film is sometimes too heavy and too uneven, yet Joan Crawford’s marvelous role – also supported by other players’ convincing performances – enhances the experience of watching the film enormously.


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