Pursued comes as an exceptionally thrilling, suspenseful and, most of all, truly successful combination of two genres: a classical western and a distressing noir film. Moreover, the psychological nature of the picture subconsciously insinuates a gut-wrenching proclamation of genuine Freudian theories.

Jeb – a temperamental loner living with an adoptive family – is haunted by some mysterious demons of the past. His only recollection of a horrible event that took place a long ago is an image of cowboy boots clanging dreadfully with flashy spurs. What’s more, since he was little, Jeb wanted to introduce himself as a smart and strong individual with a huge sense of his own identity, thus frustrating his loving yet secretive mother Ma. As time passes by, Jeb’s already burning feelings for his foster sister Thorley increase gradually, and – at the same time – the unbearable hatred towards his brother Adam intensifies.

Mentally unstable, Jeb plunges even further into the self-conscious trauma when he kills a man – who threatened him earlier with fired shots – and discovers that the person was really his envious brother. Reviled by the society, pursued by a gang of vicious brutes, and abandoned by his beloved wife-to-be, Jeb decides to stand against his biggest fears and uncover the dark secret that’s been assaulting him and his psyche for so many years

Pursued is a perfectly intense and engaging picture that borrows all that’s best from many different genres. Robert Mitchum and Theresa Wright give incredibly emphatic and stable performances, adjusting perfectly to the general ambiance of the picture. Clever use of flashbacks, distorted black-and-white cinematography, and picturesque New Mexican imagery combine for an outstanding amount of disparate sensations.


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