The Virgin Spring is definitely one of the most haunting, and one of the most symbolic of all of Bergman’s films. It aspires to be a spiritual journey into the deepest parts of our minds, as it makes the audience question the actions shown in the movie, but it doesn’t give any answers itself. This spellbinding creation touches many important and controversial topics, such as selfishness, vengeance, superfluous brutality, sexual assault, and many notions connected with various religion (Paganism, Norse Mythology etc.).

It’s a deeply disquieting film, which tells a story about a unimaginably beautiful girl, who one day embarks on a journey to the church in order to light the Virgin candles. However, she never makes hit, because of two ruthless thugs, who rape and murder her in front of their young brother. And it’s only the beginning. The whole shocking event makes way for a disturbing aftermath, as the killers unknowingly take shelter in the girl’s parents’ house. When the loving father realizes, who his guests really are, he goes berserk and finishes them off ruthlessly one after another. Even though it’s human to say that killing is never the answer, some may argue whether his decision to be the judge and the executioner is justifiable or not.

The Virgin Spring had a really huge influence on the whole exploitation genre, paving the way for such gritty films as The Last House on the Left. Fantastically paced and compellingly narrated, The Virgin Diaries proves to be a moralizing tale of the most brutal, and at the same time, most powerful kind, showing its purifying nature in the highly-aesthetic visuals.


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