I’m not an avid comic book fan, but I really enjoyed this cheerful, passionate, entertaining geek-doc. It’s actually not as much about Comic-Con in itself, as it is about the people that travel there from different parts of the world in order to follow their lifelong hopes and dreams of distinguishing themselves in this ever-changing, tremendously cool industry. The movie shows the Comic-Con from behind the scenes, presenting it through the eyes of passionate fans and experts alike.

By juxtaposing the many insightful interviews with some awesome and well-known people, with the experiences of a few Comic-Con regulars Morgan Spurlock achieved a subtle level of tenderness and showed a much different side of this enormous, spectacular fan gathering. The subheading of the title (A Fan’s Hope) reveals the whole truth about the nature of this quirky picture, as it primarily corresponds to the idealistic adventures of five attendees, who think of Comic-Con as a place of ultimate fulfillment and a place where dreams become reality. Comic-Con is a cultural phenomenon that’s able to bring together not only all the true geeks and cos-players, but also many miscellaneous people, who aren’t really interested in comic books that much, yet they still want to take part in this splendid event. It all comes down to this: Comic-Con proves to be the only place in the whole wide world where all of those people can really feel at home, and there’s no one to judge them.

Apart from showing the passion and energy that permeate the place during the four magical days, this documentary also ponders a very difficult topic, namely the gradual demise of the cult fan-base, mostly due to the overpowering force of corporate impact on the related industries. While comic books will still be made and fans will still eagerly read them, Comic-Con is slowly changing into a sort of business conference, where money is mentioned more times than any superhero or villain ever is. That’s one frightful thought that the creators of the movie leave the audiences with.


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