Forbidden Planet is a hell of a ride, one that the viewer should and will enjoy wholeheartedly until the very last minutes. This is also definitely one of the most astounding, visually stunning, challenging science-fiction movies in the history of cinema. Not only is it truly thought provoking and unpredictable, it’s also genuinely scary in its utterly valuable evaluation of the human psyche and its inconceivable capabilities.

The first image of the film shows a human-made spaceship traveling somewhere in vast space. On board of the ship is a crew of various professionals, who were hired in order to investigate a mysterious disappearance of a group of people on the distant and secluded Planet Altaire. Just before landing they’re able to communicate with the only survivor, Doctor Edward Morbius, who is as unpleasant as he is secretive. The first ‘person’ the guys meet on the planet is Robby, the Robot. His abilities are beyond imagination: he can produce huge amounts of liquor, he can move whole buildings with his bare hands, he can speak 187 languages, and he is as polite as no Earthling probably can be. His role in the film is irrefutable; hence it’s crucial to call him a supporting character rather than just a mechanical creature. Three leading man of the operation (Commander J.J. Abrams, Lt. Doc Ostrow, Lt. Jerry Farman) ride with Robby to the house of Dr. Morbius. There they discover not only that the doctor is a deeply enigmatic man and a bizarre individual, but also that he has a beautiful daughter named Altaira. Adam and Ostrow quickly become infatuated with the girl, and during the whole visit they fight for her attention. Morbius explains to them that an unknown force killed all his comrades, and that if they won’t leave the planet immediately the same thing will happen to the whole crew.

It’s later reveled that the place has been inhabited by a mysterious race named Krell, all of whom died at once 200,000 years ago. Morbius, learning of their enormous intellectual powers, decided to spend every day in the abandoned laboratory trying to figure out a way to achieve supernatural intelligence, thus becoming almost invincible. As the crew investigates and discovers the truth behind the whole mystique operation, people begin to die and the atmosphere becomes tenser every day. There is only one way to stop the madness, and that involves suppressing the beast that’s been haunting Morbius’ mind for years…

Forbidden Planet is a puzzling picture, mostly due to its complex, smart, futuristic nature, exhibited so forcefully through a many enigmatic conversations.  No less than that, it’s truly an eye-popping sci-fi odyssey, which makes a great use of amazing special effects, fantastic set pieces, enhanced color palette, background electronic music, and Robby’s delightful performance. In the most elaborate sense, Forbidden Planet is also a fascinating commentary on the Freudian psychoanalysis, where a raging id is stronger than the conscious human mind, and leads to horrible disasters even in the outer space regions.


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