Whether you are a fan of Japanese anime movies or not, you should definitely see A Letter to Momo. It is truly a mesmerizing flick made by the acclaimed studio Production I.G. Like most of the great Japanese animations that came out in other parts of the world in the recent decades, it is well suited for people of any age, mainly because of all the adult themes and motives presented in it.

Here we find young and grieving Momo, who, after a tragic death of her father, moves with her mother to a remote village of Shio, in order to find inner peace. However, this very quiet and mellow place is nothing what it seems. After a series of bizarre encounters Momo finds herself in a strange, let’s say, friendship with the three adorable spirits that live in the village. In order to find out what are they really doing in Momo’s life, she has to believe in their good intentions, which does not seem easy at all. With her mother’s sudden illness she has to overcome her fears and start a great adventure, not only to save her mother, but also discover what her father meant to tell her, before he passed away.

The magical aura surrounding the whole movie is what makes this beautiful tale a true masterpiece. The characters of the spirits are simply admirable, because of their comedic behavior. And the transformation of a very shy girl to a brave heroine is what gives the plot a strong kick.

I have always been a fan of anime movies and TV shows, but after a recent number of flops I have to say that A Letter to Momo gave me a new reason to believe in the greatness of animators from the Country of Cherry Blossoms.


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