I went to see this movie with my father. I came out of the cinema having a wildly amusing thought in my mind: Did I just watch a soft core pornographic flick with my own dad? But somewhere in the middle there was Shame. And I can’t say that I didn’t like it. What’s more, I just knew that this could be one of the biggest indie movies of the year.

If I’d have to summarize it in a few simple word I’d say: it’s like American Psycho, but 80% less violent, yet 80% more erotic. Michael Fassbender gives a great performance as Brandon Sullivan, the wealthy and classy sex addict, who is trying to show the world that there is nothing wrong with his life. However, as we slowly begin to get a greater insight into his problematic ‘disease’ we learn that this disturbed young man desperately needs help and fast. And here, suddenly, comes his sister, who wants to move with him for a couple of weeks. Brandon’s life is turned upside down, his hitherto chaotic way of life spins into more uncontrollable circles, as Sissy Sullivan uselessly tries to help him overcome his addiction. In the meantime we also find out that she has some big problems of her own, i.e. boyfriend and suicide related. What a family, one would say.

But try to imagine how many of such disturbed families live on this planet. I have to admit, it is sometimes not easy to watch those two characters fighting and arguing about what went wrong in their lives and why they should live apart. And that is maybe because all of us are secretly struggling to become better and overpower our strangest fears and suppress our deepest needs.

The emotional impact in this movie is depicted mostly through all sorts of frequent sex scenes, but I won’t go into details in here. Steve McQueen didn’t want to bore us with compelling dialogues, but he wanted to explain the motion of the plot by lengthy and obscene acts. I have to admit, I still have some of them in my mind, even though a few months have passed since I saw Shame.

Due to its shocking presentation and utterly precise scenes many people wouldn’t like the movie. That is probably why it didn’t get the attention it deserved. I sadly knew that this would happen, because it also happened to American Psycho more than 10 years ago. People can’t find genius in these kinds of movies, simply because they are overwhelmed by the drastic factors that are included in them. For SHAME…


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